CC Mimo Elegance


  • Practical & Stylish Pieces For Many Years To Come
  • Amazing Attention To Detail
  • Carry All Your Life’s Essentials In Our Expertly Crafted Handbags

About this Product

Suggested in the name, the MIMO Elegance is truly one of a kind.

Our Mimo elegance was designed to be a smart casual/ occasion bag.

As a woman creating a bag for another woman we know what essentials need to be carried with you when youre out and about, therefore the Mimo elegance is sophisticated yet 100% practical.

She’s elegant, she’s tasteful and you can take her anywhere. A night out, your best friend’s wedding or to your favourite tea party, she’s got you covered.

Material: Cotton T-Shirt Yarn

Dimensions: H 15-18cm x W 25cm x D 16cm

Details: Crossbody bag    Crossbody bag     Zip and clasp closur    Chain Strap   Sewn in lining


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